• $5 Supporters recieve:

    • Reserved Slot
    • Ability to vote kick/ban
    • VIP Tag
    • Custom player models
    • Perks last for 2 Months
  • $10 Supporters recieve:

    • Same as above and...
    • Custom scoreboard tag
    • More comming soon...
    • Perks last for 3 Months
  • $20 Supporters recieve:

    • Everything listed above
    • Perks last forever

More perks coming soon!

I am not asking for your money in any way shape or form, but if somebody wishes to donate that person should receive something in return.

  • There is a $1 minimum for any donation even if you don't want the perks.
  • Donations must be at least $5 for these privileges.
  • If you donate skins your VIP ranks need to be entered manually.

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Amount: $

You MUST select a tier!

Acceptable formats:
steamcommunity.com/id/{name} or {name}

If you can't/don't want to donate through PayPal you can donate skins instead.